Hello Tuesday!  Getting a late start today, but I’ve been surprisingly busy.  Among the many daily duties I’ve been checking off the list, there’s been a few little upgrades made to the blogs, not to mention an obscene amount of twittering.  A few things, though, that I should tell you about:

First off, the ingenuiTEA that I got for Christmas is AWESOME.  Right now I’m enjoying my third cup of Gyokuro Kin and am very happy about it.  Yeah, so I’m a tea snob, what of it?  Not that I have anything personally against…more affordable…teas, but there’s just something about a hand-crafted Japanese green tea that is actually green!  And tastes green!  The Gyokuro Kin is a personal favorite of mine; (here comes the science) it’s grown in much the same way as Sencha teas, except it’s shaded for the last three months before harvesting.  The shade causes it to pull more nutrients from the soil, which in turn leads to a higher caffeine content.  And you know how I love my caffeine!  It’s really smooth and light with a spinachy flavor.  I highly recommend it! (If you’re in Austin, you can find it at The Steeping Room for sure.)  But I digress, the ingenuiTEA is fabulous and you should totally get one.  And get it from Think Geek, because they are fabulous too.  I promised their twitterer that I’d be knitting up a Cthulu-themed cosy for the teapot tonight, cuz by god that would be the most awesome thing ever.  And it will!  Oh yes!

Speaking of knitting, you’ll be happy to know that I totally busted ass on The Pink Death last night and am over halfway finished with the front side! (only two rows over halfway, but hey, it counts.)  So I’m ahead of schedule, and that’s always good.  It’s coming together nicely, better than I expected, but keep up those encouraging thoughts!  If this turns out half as awesome as I want it to, I will be pleased.

Also in the news, we got our first sponsor today!  I say “we” because they bought spots from both Mick and myself, so you get to hear about them twice!  We’re kicking the year off in style with sponsorship from Jimily Farms, purveyors of fine handmade goat-milk cheeses, soaps, and more.  They rock, and you need to know about them.  But not just yet.  Wait till Friday! 

And yes, there are still plenty of spots open for sponsorship!  You can purchase Saturday for only $2!  There’s not a day over $31 this whole month!  Hell, you could buy the whole month of January for under $500!   That’s a steal, my friend! (Let me just say that if you do buy the whole month, you get a special prize and my undying adoration.  And also, you better have a lot for me to talk about.)

Short post for today, as I have a few more things to catch up on before heading back home for more work.  Remind me to tell you about Dune tomorrow…