And another lovely morning in 2010, I see!  The sun is out, the sky is blue, it’s beautiful, and so are you.  I’ve spent my morning so far uploading photos to a new Flickr account, which I thought would provide ease of access to blog readers, twitter followers, and facebook friends all.  Having one place to put everything is most convenient for me as well.  So I’ll probably still add some stand-out photos to the actual blog, but if you want total access to everything Tara, go to  A silly unmemorable address, yes.  But I’ll add it to the Links on the sidebar here so it’ll be real simple for ya.  Eh?  You’re welcome. 

And now I’m sitting here burning a little incense and looking back on yesterday’s adventure.  Because you know Mick and I couldn’t have come straight home from Pottsville, oh no!  What is normally a 2-hour drive straight to Austin turned into a 6-hour jaunt across the Hill Country, taking us all manner of places.  Here’s the breakdown:

1. Zebras in Zephyr

Pottsville to Zephyr

First leg of our journey was from Pottsville over to Zephyr, where I was promised a sight of zebras.  And I was not disappointed!  Zebras there were, just chillin in some guy’s yard.  They’d come pretty close up to the fence and you could get a good look at them.  I was sad that they didn’t make that cool noise that zebras make, but I can’t complain.  Zebras in the middle of nowhere, TX!  Pretty neat. 

2. Baby Head Mountain and Cemetery

Zephyr towards Willow City

 We left Zephyr and decided to head towards the Willow City Loop, as it seemed that any way we went home was sort of out of the way.  Any way that seemed interesting anyways.  So off we went, cruising down the road until we saw this sign:

a reason to stop the car

 Of course, we had to stop the car.  Baby Head Cemetery?  Oh yes!  Turns out there was a baby murdered by indians in the 1800s and his remains were found on the nearby mountain, which they named Baby Head Mountain.  The baby and several other members of the town were buried close by in Baby Head Cemetery.  You can look on my Flickr stream to see the actual Historical Marker at the site.  After that short but completely rewarding pause, we were off again!

3. Willow City

The Willow City Loop is one of those tiny little paths that only bikers and residents know about.  When I told Mick where to turn off, his exact words were, “Really?”  A twisting climbing road through 13 miles of private property, interrupted by cattle guards and related bovines, with some of the most beautiful views in the Hill Country.  It’s a slow-going trek, but totally worth it.

view from a hilltop

4. Fredricksburg

After running the Willow City Loop, we decided that we were close enough to run down to Fredricksburg for dinner.  After stopping at a fabulous funky little patio shop, the Choo Choo Trolley (highly recommended for awesome pottery and handmade wood and metal art), we went over to Freidhelm’s Inn and Restaurant for some german food.  Gotta say, the schnitzel was awesome!  The meal came with a delicious beef broth soup and some fabulous rye bread.  I got the Bavarian Schnitzel topped with cheese and a spicy tomato sauce.  Delish!  And huge!  After doing as much damage as I could to the schnitzel and its side of pan-fried potatoes, we ordered up (and promptly devoured) a yummy apple streudel. (no cream, how sad)  But everything was delicious, the service was great, prices were reasonable.  Overall a highly delightful meal.  So next time you’re in Fredricksburg, go check out the Choo Choo Trolley and Freidhelm’s Inn.  Great stuff!

It was a long, dark drive home from there, but we were back by 9 and in bed at a reasonable hour.  It was a long journey, but definitely worth the trip. 

Now I must arise, shower, do all those cleany things that one must do on a daily basis, then get back to work on Pink Death.  It’s almost done!  A sleeve and a half to go!  I’ll be back later with more sponsor information for today, so keep an eye out!  Or click on that cute little “Follow Me” button on the side of the page to get Twitter updates when new posts are up!  Be good, kiddos.