*cue entrance music!*

I wish I had entrance music and a ridiculous nickname.  And pyrotechnics.  That would be sweet. 

You may have guessed, I’m watching Monday Night Raw.  Not simply because it’s on and Mick is watching it, but because William Fucking Shatner is guest hosting tonight. 
(Side note: did Vince McMahon just go ahead and buy Rage Against the Machine?  They’ve got like 4 songs now.) 
I know it’s silly, but I do enjoy me some WWE once in a while.  I’m a big mark for Triple H, in all his oily, orange-tan, Motorhead-strutting glory.  And then Shatner too?  A decent combo, that’s for sure.  Not quite as adorable as Spader/Shatner, but hey, what is? 

C'mon, how cute is that?

Seriously, one of my favorite TV couples ever.   

But enough of that.  Actually, I don’t really have anything for you today.  It’s been…well, it’s a Monday.  Another day that made me want to walk out of my job and never return.  Instead, I channeled my anger into a passion for scouring the WorkInTexas website and throwing down applications all across Craigslist.  I also decided that for my birthday, I was giving myself a Monday off.  PTO for the 15th has been approved, happy birthday to me! 

And that, my friends, is as much as I can muster tonight.  But I’ll tell you what, Mick is cooking up a pretty hilarious blog right now (I’m reading over his shoulder), so keep an eye out for that!  I’ll try to be more interesting tomorrow. 

Be good, kiddos.