We went out to a movie on a Wednesday night.  But not just any movie would get me out on a weekday, it had to be something special.  And it was.  It was Santa Sangre (1989).

I’d seen the movie before, but there’s no way one can pass up a Jodorowsky film on the big screen.  No way, I say!  Even when, of the three Jodorowsky films I’ve seen, it’s my least favorite.  That’s not to say that it isn’t brilliant; it’s just different.  It’s linear, it tells a straight intelligible story.  There’s never a point where I think to myself “I have no idea what’s going on right now”.  It makes sense.  But it’s still surreal and creepy and strange as any of his films.  Jodorowsky’s usual anti-Catholic themes are there, and in force, along with the appearance of various handicapped actors (mental and physical).  There’s the blurring of lines between reality and perception.  And of course, his family; his sons Axel, Adan, and Teo are all featured. 

But it’s as much a horror film as a psychologically surreal one, no doubt part of the influence of Claudio Argento who co-wrote the screenplay.  Murder and blood are in no short supply.  But Argento and Jodorowsky fit hand-in-hand, working harmoniously to bring you a film that is as creepy and frightening as it is thought-provoking.