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Today’s world is full of geeks. And make no mistake about it, in this brave new world, geeks are a major force. When something goes viral, where does it start? Geeks.

How can you make this work for you? It’s simple really, you just need to get yourself a geek. Heads-of-State, Captains of Industry, Majority Shareholders, Entertainment Moguls – they all have geeks.

Right now, you’re probably saying to yourself “But I could never afford a geek”. If you’re not saying that to yourself, you really should be. Go ahead, we’ll wait . . .


Right now, you just said to yourself “But I could never afford a geek”. And my friend, that used to be true. Geeks were a precious commidity. Most weren’t for sale, and those that were? Way out of your price range. Until now.

Now, through the miracles of modern technology, you can get yourself a geek. For a day. And everyone can afford a geek for a day.

We are offering our geekness to you, one day at a time. But act early, the price goes up every day you wait. January 1st – you can have a geek for $1 (that’s right, one single solitary dollar buys you an entire day of geekitude). Every day, the price goes up one dollar. February 1st will be $32. March 4th – $74. You get the idea.

There’s more information available at our home page www.yourgeekforaday.com