In the second installment of the New Bond franchise, James brought over

Quantum of Solace (2008)

for Mick to watch.  Actually, I don’t think I’d seen this one before either.  And that doesn’t upset me too much.  It wasn’t terrible.  Not like Moonraker terrible.  Lots of stuff blew up, the hot chick died in a strange fashion, there was a bizarre-looking villain with a big plan that completely failed in a dramatic fashion (though I don’t remember a single diorama).  So, a typical middle of the road Bond movie.  The one thing I did really like about this one: lots of M.  Judi Dench is the leading lady, and I’m not just saying that because she’s probably my favorite actress ever.  See what Mick had to say, he’s with me.  But overall, the film was…well, let’s just say that I totally missed the last 20 minutes of the movie because I was more interested in reading a review on my phone of the Dune miniseries that SciFi aired in 2000.  Which I bought later in the week for $3.  Booyah!

You know, I think I AM the best part of this movie!