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January 29, 2011

A Saturday night alone in front of the tv?  Nothing wrong with that!  While Mick was out having a boys night, I decided to have some fun movies to keep me company.

Abbot & Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948)

This movie is exactly what I want out of an A&C flick.  Lou being lovably hilarious.  Bud being his usually cranky self.  A host of guest stars that nearly steal every scene.  In this case, Bud and Lou are joined by none other than Lon Chaney Jr. and Bela Lugosi…because you can’t meet Frankenstein without the Wolfman and Dracula!  There’s some great physical comedy and plenty of zingers.  The story is as silly as can be, but that’s not important.  It’s damn fun, and you should watch it.

Abbot & Costello Meet The Mummy (1955)

After all the fun of Meet Frankenstein, I thought I’d really enjoy Meet the Mummy.  Unfortunately…well, it wasn’t bad.  I guess there’s just so much A&C I can take in one sitting.  I missed the famous faces that were so prevalent in the earlier film, although I did get a jolt of excitement from recognizing Kam Tong (also known as Hey Boy from the brilliant western serial Have Gun Will Travel), with his one line where you don’t even see his face.  I might give the movie another shot at a later date, in which case you’ll hear more then.  For now though…meh.  Feel free to tell me I’m wrong.

January 26, 2011

Some people get sick and want comfort food.  I want comfort movies.  And those usually fall into two categories: sci-fi and Hammer.  So this night, I was feeling especially awful and had to work in spite of it, so I had myself a little of both of my comfort categories.

Krull (1983)

This was one I hadn’t seen and had been meaning to for ages and ages.  Thank god for Netflix Instant!  Was the movie amazing and epic and a classic for children and adults everywhere?  Not exacly.  Was it fun and clever and quintessentially 80s fantasy?  Pretty much.  Which is exactly what I wanted.  And it had Liam Neeson!  Most of the ancillary characters were great.  The ending was rubbish.  The kid was a bit irritating.  But overall, it was a pretty fabulous sick day movie. 

Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed (1969)

CUSHING!  If you’ve been keeping up, you know how I feel about Peter Cushing.  Normally I love his controlled, dapper nature and the way he is usually so proper in his madness.  In the Dracula movies, he was the good guy so he was very affable; he even made stabbing someone in the heart with a stick look very noble.  Even in his first role as Doctor Frankenstein, he was crazy but still somewhat relatable.  But in this one…yeah, he definitely needed to be destroyed.  AND I LOVED IT.  It was wonderful to see him completely shred a group of pompous businessmen with bitter words.  And though the scene of him forcing himself upon his female accomplice was gritty and a bit shocking, there was something enthralling about seeing him getting really physical and sexual in that it was atypical in light of his other Hammer roles.  This character was manipulative and vengeful in a way that the previous Frankenstein movies had only hinted at.  For that alone, it’s worth watching.

January 15, 2011

Talk about your productive day!  In addition to getting up and getting donuts for breakfast, driving to Wimberley and back, having lunch with Mom and Aunt Heather, and yarn shopping, I managed to watch two movies!  And football!  But we’re here to talk about movies.

Ip Man (2008)

Somehow I missed this one up until now, despite hearing so much about it.  We got the BluRay in from Netflix a few weeks ago, and Mick had just turned it on when I walked in on Saturday.  It’s based on the true story of Master Ip, a famous Chinese martial arts master who defied the Japanese invaders to save his town, friends, and family….and also happened to train Bruce Lee later in life.  The film is beautifully shot and the fight scenes are amazing.  There were at least a handful of moments where I cried out in empathy with joints bending backwards and people getting a boot to the face.  Donnie Yen does a great job of playing the lovable hero who can also crush your soul with his fist.  Another highly recommended one.

The Curse of Frankenstein (1957)

CUSHING!  I have an intense adoration of Peter Cushing, and therefore of Hammer films across the spectrum.  The Draculas are my favorite, but The Curse of Frankenstein is among the most fabulous of the Hammer horror collection.  Peter Cushing is, of course, the mad Doctor Victor Frankenstein whose fascination with pushing the boundaries of scientific discovery becomes an obsession with creating the perfect being.  He goes from curious to passionate to completely self-absorbed, locking himself in his laboratory for days, ignoring the warnings of his colleagues and going so far as to commit murder to acquire parts for his ultimate creation.  The wonderful Christopher Lee plays The Monster, although he doesn’t get to show the full range of his genius (not having any lines or much direction for his character).  Robert Urquhart is also commendable as Frankenstein’s mentor and colleague Paul, who continually tries to talk Victor into coming back to reality, abandoning his madness and destroying the creature.  If you like Hammer Horror, Peter Cushing, Terrence Fisher and the like, you’ll like this one.

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