Some people get sick and want comfort food.  I want comfort movies.  And those usually fall into two categories: sci-fi and Hammer.  So this night, I was feeling especially awful and had to work in spite of it, so I had myself a little of both of my comfort categories.

Krull (1983)

This was one I hadn’t seen and had been meaning to for ages and ages.  Thank god for Netflix Instant!  Was the movie amazing and epic and a classic for children and adults everywhere?  Not exacly.  Was it fun and clever and quintessentially 80s fantasy?  Pretty much.  Which is exactly what I wanted.  And it had Liam Neeson!  Most of the ancillary characters were great.  The ending was rubbish.  The kid was a bit irritating.  But overall, it was a pretty fabulous sick day movie. 

Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed (1969)

CUSHING!  If you’ve been keeping up, you know how I feel about Peter Cushing.  Normally I love his controlled, dapper nature and the way he is usually so proper in his madness.  In the Dracula movies, he was the good guy so he was very affable; he even made stabbing someone in the heart with a stick look very noble.  Even in his first role as Doctor Frankenstein, he was crazy but still somewhat relatable.  But in this one…yeah, he definitely needed to be destroyed.  AND I LOVED IT.  It was wonderful to see him completely shred a group of pompous businessmen with bitter words.  And though the scene of him forcing himself upon his female accomplice was gritty and a bit shocking, there was something enthralling about seeing him getting really physical and sexual in that it was atypical in light of his other Hammer roles.  This character was manipulative and vengeful in a way that the previous Frankenstein movies had only hinted at.  For that alone, it’s worth watching.