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She’s Alive! ALIIIVE!

It’s true!  I’m not dead!  You didn’t think you could get rid of me that easily, did you?  Ha!  No sir, not me. 

Although I see how you might think that, since I haven’t posted in like a month.  And for that I apologize.  Trying to post every day really took a toll on me, and I got all sorts of burnt out on the whole thing.  I’ve definitely thought about writing since then, and have had things to say, but life just has a way of, well, getting in the way of the best of intentions.  But enough excuses.

I’m actually just here today to brag a little bit.  Remember waaaay back on January 1, when Mick and I told you about our friends at Jimily Farms?  Well folks, Jim and Emily paid us a visit yesterday and brought samples of their newest products!  I now have, in my possession, one jar of raw goat’s milk, one jar of goat yogurt, almost two pounds of fresh chevre cheese, and two bags of incredibly pure worm castings.  And so far, everything is AWESOME.  Have you ever had goat’s milk?  It’s surprisingly delicious!  It’s sweeter than cow milk, and better for you too.  Even Mick liked it, and he hates milk.  The chevre was equally fabulous, especially since these guys are just starting out.  I laid awake in bed this morning dreaming of all sorts of things I could do with it: blend it with fresh herbs, add some lemon zest, maybe pepper some of it.  Hell, with two pounhds of it, I’ve got some room to experiment.

Speaking of fresh herbs, I embarked on a new horticultural journey recently and planted myself a little herb garden.  I’ve got pots of fresh rosemary, sage, stevia, verigated oregano, cilantro, italian parsley, and pineapple mint.  So far, after two weeks, the basil is the only thing that hasn’t survived.  Check it out!

the garden

The Garden

You’ll also notice a few other plants in there, as I was sort of on a roll that day.  Our neighbor, who just moved in a few months ago, inherited an amazing cactus garden from the previous owner, a firefighter and brilliant xeroscaper.  I guess since we were both doing some yardwork that morning, she came over and offered me the chance to take some of the agaves from her yard, as they sort of tend to take over when not tended vigilantly.  She was nice enough to give me a few big ones on top of the little babies that had been growing between the rocks and out of the sidewalk.  You can also see the now-deceased basil, and the large red pot that held my first attempt at transplanting a bluebonnet.  Unfortunately, that proved to be a doomed effort.  The laws of man in cahoots with the laws of nature, I say.  As a trade, however, nature decided to give me back the orchid I though had frozen to death; the tiny green bud of hope caught my eye yesterday and made me just a little giddy.

The orchid lives!


So I spent a few minutes this morning spreading my new bag of worm castings on all my plants, and I fully expect super herbs in a week or two.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Aside from my attempts at amateur gardening, I’ve still been knitting up a storm.  Trying to find things to knit during the summer is proving a bit challenging, and has resulted in a basket full of dishtowels for lack of any better ideas on most days.  For giggles, I’ve been working up some little monster dolls, which is fun and a bit challenging at times.  Example, here’s the incompleted Frankie doll:

Frankie! (cell phone pic, not great)

I had planned on making him a little jacket, but so far attempts have been mediocre at best.  Rather than fretting, I’ve started making him a little bride, and we’ll see how that turns out.  If you haven’t looked lately, I did put a bunch of new stuff up on the Hell Bent Etsy site (hope you like dishrags!!), so go check that out and see what strikes your fancy.  I’ve got more stuff to add too, and I’ll let you know when that makes it up.

Considering it’s pretty early still, that’s all I can think of to tell you at the moment.  If anything comes up, I’ll be sure to let you know!  Take care, lovelies, and you’ll hear from me again soon.  I promise it won’t be a month this time.

The Dancing Never Ends!

I just drove my husband out of the living room.

Not on purpose, mind you.  We each sat down to do a bit of writing, and were simply reminded that we don’t work the same.  It’s not a bad thing; if anything, it’s probably a good thing most times.  I have an issue where I have to have complete silence when I write.  I can sometimes work with the tv on mute, but most times I’ll turn it off completely.  Mick, on the other hand, has to have noise when he writes.  A show or some music or something going on in the background.  Helps him get into the right frame of mind.  I guess I’m just more easily distracted.

Well I wrapped up the last of my birthday celebrations yesterday after going out to dinner with my dad and Spud.  I’ll say now that this has been a pretty geeky birthday, as far as gifts go.  Which is awesome, mind you.  I bought a ton of yarn with the gift certificate my brother gave me.  Mick got me an AMAZING owl mask from the one and only Miss Monster, AND as if that wasn’t enough, the first volume of Absolute Sandman!  If you haven’t seen these things, well then you must not be a Sandman fan.  And if you’re not a Sandman fan, well, I don’t know if we can be friends.  There’s a couple volumes out that encompass the whole of the original series, plus all sorts of sketches, outtakes (for lack of a better word), unfinished frames, lots of neat little extras.  It’s a beautiful leather-bound book too, no paperback here.  And, knowing how much those suckers cost, I am very appreciative of it! 

On top of that, my parents managed to shock me with their gift: An Anthology of Beowulf Criticism!  I’m sure to most of you that sounds like the most boring thing you could possibly recieve, but dammit I think it’s awesome.  You may have read earlier about my studying Old English, and of course you can’t go through Old English without reading some Beowulf.  Or you could do like me and take an entire semester-long graduate class doing nothing but translating Beowulf.  So for me, this book is effin sweet.  A lot of the pieces in here I’ve read before but haven’t owned copies of.  And it’s got all of the essentials: Blackburn, Tolkien, Kemp Malone, Herbert Wright, Margaret Goldsmith, plus more, eighteen in all.  I look forward to settling down to read them soon.  Because occasionally I feel the need to be all high-falutin and edumacated and stuff.     

On an unrelated note, this kid in a 1956 western is totally doing some sort of insane breakdancing at a hoedown.  I have no idea what’s going on in this movie.

It’s a lot trippier if you watch it with the sound off.  “This kid”, btw, is Russ Tamblyn.  Fuckin Dr. Jacoby!  Dancing his ass off!

Anywho, so that was the end of my very pleasant Birthday 2k10.  And for all that celebrating, I didn’t have a single piece of cake.  How wrong is that?  Very wrong, I say.  Funny how silly little things end up being more important to you than you realize, or want to admit.  Well, aside from having no cake, it was a very pleasant birthday. 

Now that the birthday festivities have ended, it’s back to insane needlework.  I keep meaning to find out when the actual show is, but remember that “easily distracted” thing I was talking about earlier?  Yeah.  More of that.  Market bags are coming, plus the odd tea cozy thrown in here and there because they’re quick and don’t require thinking.  I’ve found a couple new patterns to use with my new yarns that should prove quite awesome. (did you see that bright yellow yarn in the picture?  that’s going to be an amazing lace shawl.)

I’m also trekking along through Dune (still), and still really loving it.  I’ve passed into Part III now, so I’m getting close to the end.  It doesn’t feel like it’s about to end, it feels like there’s so much left to cover.  I’m guessing that means this last 1/3 will go at breakneck speed.  After that, we’ll see how I feel about getting into the next one in the series.  In fact, I’m gonna go do that now.  I’ll see you suckers later!

Secret South American

Good morning lovely people.  Remember the other day, when I said I had so much to do and I was all excited about some new patterns I had?  Well, I spent all night trying to get one of them to work with absolutely no success.  I must have been doing something incredibly wrong, and almost broke my fingers trying to make it work.  Which saddens me, because it was an amazingly awesome project that I’d love to own for myself.  So after four hours or so of cursing and pain, I said screw it.  Rem0ved from the queue.  Arg. 

But I made up for it last night, taking on the next project in line with rousing success.  It’s a cute little market bag that I can whip up quick out of sturdy cotton.  I’ll be churning out a few of these in the next week; my goal is four, since that’s how much yarn I bought.  Makes sense, eh?  So I started that last night while watching the opening ceremony of the winter olympics.  I’m not an Olympics person, I hardly ever watch any events or get even remotely interested.  But it was Friday, I was home by myself, and there wasn’t a damn thing on tv.  And it wasn’t bad, I stuck around long enough to see the Aboriginal tributes, and the march of all the different countries and their athletes.  There’s a lot of frickin Americans there, I’ll say that.  More than anyone else, in fact.  Which, to me, seems unfair when they talk about medal counts and how many their aiming to win.  It seems a lot easier for 216 Americans to win 40 medals than for 65 Russians to do it.  Just saying.  This year I’ve decided to cheer for the South Americans, because apparently no South American country has ever gotten a medal in the Winter Olympics.  I’m not anti-American or anything, I just like to root for the underdog sometimes.  Go Chile!  Knock em dead, Brazil! 

Well, I haven’t had my coffee yet and I’m hoping to finish up this bag today, so I better get back to it.  Y’all take care, you’ll hear from me again soon.

Lumpy’s Baby Burrito!

Lumpy’s Baby Burrito

by Hell Bent Stitcheries

baby not included

100% Cotton Yarn, approx 200 yd
For striped version shown:
I Love This Cotton, Ivory (MC) 2 skeins
I Love This Cotton, Sage (CC) 1 skein

16″ Circular Needles, size 9


Using MC, CO 3
Row 1: K across
Row 2: K, M1, K to end (4 stitches)
Row 3: Repeat row 2 (5 stitches)

Begin increases
Row 4: K2, YO, K to end
Row 5-26: repeat row 4
Row 27: Switch to CC. K2, YO, K to end
Row 28-35: repeat row 27

Repeat this pattern, 26 MC rows followed by 8 CC rows, once more, then do one more section of the MC. (94 rows total)

Row 95: Using CC, K2, YO, K to end
Rows 96-98: Repeat row 95

Begin Decreases
Row 99: K, K2tog, YO, K2tog, K to end
Row 100-102: Repeat row 99
Row 103: Switch to MC. K, K2tog, YO, K2tog, K to end.

Continue in previous color pattern, 26 rows MC and 8 rows CC, decreasing 1 stitch each row until only 5 stitches remain. (193 rows total)

Row 194: K, K2tog, K across
Row 195: K, K2tog, K across (3 stitches)
Row 196: K across

Begin Hood Increases
Row 197: K2, YO, K across
Row 198-223: repeat row 197
Row 224: switch to CC. K2, YO, K across
Row 225-229: repeat row 224

BO all stitches.

Weave in all loose ends.
Using large needle and MC, sew together sides of hood (WS facing each other) using mattress stitch.


This pattern, when written out, seems a lot more complicated than it actually is.  All you need to remember is 26 MC, 8 CC.  You move from increase to decrease in the middle of the third green stripe.  The hood is worked in the same increase pattern as the body, you just BO on the 8th row of the stripe. 

Of course if you’re doing a solid color, you’ve got even less to worry about.

Trouble with a Capital T

You know what I hate?  Fucking nosy people.  People who think everyone’s business is their business.  People who want to criticize and make assumptions in other people’s affairs that don’t affect them in any way whatsoever.  And who are real passive-agressive about it too. 

You know what else I hate?  How the loudest people in the whole damn company are always the ones to leave their office/classroom doors open so you can listen to them blather on all day.  When I can’t hear the person on my phone cuz you’re screaming about Microsoft Project (to a room of only 10 people), you’re too loud.

You know what I don’t hate?  Jim Croce.  ”Box #10″ just popped up on my iPod and made me smile really big. 

You know what else I don’t hate?  Being appreciated.  Even if they’re just making a joke or trying to be flirty, it’s still nice to hear.  Earlier a random student said as he passed, “I don’t care what they say, you’re doing a great job!”  I giggled appropriately, cuz old people are funny when they say silly things like that, but it does make me feel slightly better.  Maybe he can tell I’m just sitting here hating life, that I’m having a long rough day, that I’m tired and frustrated and feeling pretty underwhelmed with this whole Tuesday thing.  Here’s a note for any of you corporate-types (or people of any type, for that matter): receptionists are people too!  Some of my favorite people to work with are the two guys who call from San Antonio and Dallas almost every day who always ask how I’m doing, who take the time to chit chat and laugh with me instead of just making demands.  They may not know it, but they make my afternoon sometimes.  Thanks guys! 

I talked to an extremely friendly gentleman from the office in Washington DC the other day who was originally from East Texas, and after talking for a good ten minutes about the crappy day we were both having, he told me he hoped I found “a frog split four ways”.  I have absolutely no idea what this means.  Piney woods folks?  Old people?  I assume he’s not speaking literally; either that or I hope I don’t find a frog split four ways, cuz that would just be kinda disturbing.  Unless it’s for some sort of hoodoo ritual or something, I can work with that.

Hey, I finished the Baby Burrito!  WTF is that, you ask?   No, it’s not just a little burrito, or even a very tiny donkey.   It’s a hooded baby blanket/towel sort of thing, knit from cotton and all soft and stuff.  You know, for babies. 

...or a baby owl!

 It’s for a friend, one of the seventeen friends I have who are pregnant right now.  But it was really fast and easy to make, so I might throw together a few more before the Spring Fling next month.  I’m getting quite a stock built up now, which is cool.  My project for this week is to make up some more Tamara hats, as I sold out my last one today.  Which reminds me, knitted items make fabulous Valentine’s Day gifts! :)   I know there’s not much on the Etsy site right now, mostly because I can’t afford to sell out a ton of stuff before the Spring Fling.  I’m hoarding and saving up and being cheeky about the whole thing.  But if you’re interested, I’m totally willing to do private shows for anyone who wants to see the full Hell Bent collection.  You come to me, I’ll come to you, whatever works.  Just throwing it out there! 

And in a separate post, I’ll write up the super-simple pattern for the Baby Burrito, for your knitting enjoyment!

Well kids, I must get to work on some dinner for my wonderful, overstressed, overworked husband.  (He’s not the only one who’s overstressed and overworked, but hey, I do what I gotta.)  Catch ya later.

The Martin Scarf

Pattern for The Martin Scarf

Written by LadyLascivious, c/o Hell Bent Stitcheries

This is a very simple pattern that yields a cool texture, good for guys or girls.  Great to work on in front of the tv!



Yarn: Yarn Bee Melody Bulky Wool Blend, 2 skeins
Color: Ivory

Needles: size 10.5/6.5mm

Gague: not important

Also needed: tapestry needle, row counter (optional)

The two different textures (“Garter Section” and “Stripe Section”) are in groups of 18, so the row counter really helps if you’re like me: easily distracted.



CO 15
next row: P across

Garter Section:
Rows 1-18: K across

Stripe Section:
Row 1: K
Row 2: P
Row 3: K
Row 4: K
Repeat rows 1-4 3 times (16 rows total), then rows 1-2 once more.

Alternate Garter Section and Stripe Section 13 times (or however many you need to reach your desired length), then add one more Garter Section for symmetry. 

BO all stitches.


See, how easy was that!   And now you have your very own knock-off!

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