I held a baby today. 

This is very exciting for me.  I love babies.  Babies are awesome, and I’m often told that I’m really good with them.  Kids are a different story; once they start talking and running around and getting into shit, that’s when I check out.  But while they’re babies, goddamn they’re just great.  All soft and squishy and curious as hell.  Love em.  Love em!

That being said, I do not want one.  And I’ll admit, I was worried the whole ride over that I would hold the baby and love the baby and suddenly want a baby.  Instead, I held the baby, loved the baby, and gave it back.  And all was well.  He’s a fabulous little guy, ridiculously cute and incredibly well-behaved (for being only 2 weeks old), and if by some horrendous act I did end up with a baby, I hope he would be that awesome.  I mean, look at this face:

Smartass baby.

Did I mention his name is Cash?  Yeah.  This baby has no choice but to be awesome.  Hopefully I will do much baby-holding in the near future.

That’s not initially what I came here to tell you about.  But sometime between holding the baby and getting home, a migraine started budding in my brain and I haven’t been able to think much since.  My amazing husband brought me Short Stop and made me some tea, which helped, and I’m now doing double-duty on wrestling, which probably isn’t helping.  Yes, it’s true; I’m watching TNA with the sound off while Mick watches the WWE Draft on Raw in the next room, which I can listen to.  It’s not that I’m a huge wrestling fan, but I do like it enough to be curious about it.  And I might occasionally mark out over a few guys.

like that one


and that one


Remind me tomorrow, I’ll tell you more about the wrestling thing.  I was gonna give you a badass endorsement today too, but I’ve run out of steam and my aching is getting worse.  Time for me to suck down some chamomile tea and hit the sack early.  Be good, kiddos. Love you, mean it.