That’s the kind of morning it’s been.  It has been, in every conceivable way, the worst case scenario.  And in some cases, worse than we imagined.  But I won’t bore you with the minutiae of my craptastic morning, and let it suffice to say that I’ve had a few cups of tea and things are looking less worse.  Let’s talk about some happy things.

Like the weekend!  I’ll let it be known here that I have a few issues with SXSW, namely the large amount of douchebags it brings into our fair city.  But that’s not what I’m here to talk about.  Because if there was ever a refuge, a safe haven if you will, from SXSW douchebaggery of all kinds, it would be Mojo’s Mayhem at the Continental Club.  Somehow Steve and Mojo Nixon have figured out the perfect recipe for douche repellent, and a bit of uber-crass psychobilly doesn’t hurt either.  Mick and I go every year, and every year it’s an all-day raucous blast.  One of my favorite things is to watch the crowd rotate throughout the day; not many of us last from 10am to 6pm, and the variety of bands tends to draw a wide variety of fans.  In the morning, there’s the relatively-unheard-of bands that bring in the younger, hipper crowd.  Around midday they start with the Austin legends (John Dee Graham, James McMurtry, etc), and the older crowd of hippies moves in.  The next-to-last band gets a little more rowdy (last year was Dash Riprock, this year the Mother Truckers), and then almost every year Mojo Nixon and the Toadliquors will round out the evening.  By that point, the crowd consists mostly of punks and drunks and hardcore fans, and it’s really brilliant.  I had the privelege of rocking out at the front of the crowd next to a couple in their late 60s who were having the best time.  There’s nothing like watching a 68-year-old woman singing “tie my pecker to my leg” to brighten your day; if that doesn’t make you smile, you are soulless indeed. 

Afterwards Mick, Naj, and I trekked over to Home Slice for some pizza, which was FILLED TO THE BRIM with out-of-town douchebags.  But the food was great, so it almost made up for it.  I felt very sorry for the staff there.  I remember those days. 

And in not-so-exciting news, I spent Sunday in Georgetown with the ‘rents.  It’s always a nice way to spend a Sunday, laid back and not really doing much.  For me anyways, dad and my brother spent the afternoon working on my car. :)   I, on the other hand, chatted with ma and helped make some brownies, helped her pick out clothes for their upcoming cruise, and played about 3 hours worth of Mario Galaxy on the wii.  For the record, I am terrible at almost all video games, but Mario is a fun way to kill some time.  

Another bonus of spending a day with my parents is that I always come home with more than I left with.  Yesterday I was gifted with some adorable owl planters, a handful of wisteria cuttings, some leftover chinese food, and an ungodly amount of saffron. 

(my dad is awesome)

crackberry shown for scale

I didn’t bring home that whole bag.  That’s how much was left after I filled up about half of a mason jar.  In other words, that right there is about $500 worth of saffron, on the US market anyways.  In Israel, where it came from, that’s about $5.  If I were only slightly more industrious, I’d set up shop on the street corner or outside the 7-11, peddling imported saffron to the youth.  Youth who are crying out for more flavorful risotto, who are tired of ”the establishment’s” piss-poor paella.  But instead I’ll probably just hoard it and eat a lot of yellow food in the upcoming months.  The search for good saffron recipes begins!  I’ll let you know how it goes. 

And that brings us back around to today, which you’ve already heard enough about.  Mick is off getting a physical, I’m stuck here, and that’s about where we stand.  I haven’t had time to check out any news of the day, so I can’t bring you any goodies just yet.  Maybe tomorrow will be better.  I try to be my best. 

You kids be good.  I’ll chat with you tomorrow.