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Just the facts.

Hey kiddies!  Hope you’re having a fabulous Wednesday, and a very merry St. Patrick’s Day. 

I wish I had something exciting to tell you, but things have been busy at work and leaving little time for fun and excitement.  So here’s a little news for the day to keep you occupied:

Because we here at YGFAD are unashamed Eli Roth groupies, I was excited to read that his new production, The Last Exorcism (nee Cotton) has a release date!  Come on August!

Here’s an equation I never expected, but in the end it’s not so surprising:
John Mellencamp + Stephen King + musical = The Ghost Brothers of Darkland County.
The project has already been postponed once, but now there’s a director on board.  That’s a start, right?  No release date as of yet.

Speaking of musicals, Poe is also getting a CD/DVD release!  Haven’t heard of it?  It’s only a musical about the works of frickin Edgar Allen Poe, penned by Eric Woolfson (of Alan Parsons Project fame) and starring Steve Balsamo, who played the titular role in London’s 2009 run of Jesus Christ Superstar.  Prog rock horror musical FTW!  {For the record, Ian Gillan was still the best Jesus, hands down. Sorry dude.} 

And because I like Scalzi and I think he makes a good point, here’s a nice logical reason why we still don’t have replicants and Jupiter is still a celestial behemoth (and, as far as we know, not full of magical monoliths).

SGU anyone?  New trailer’s up on io9!   Reminds me how much I LOVED the last two minutes of the last episode. 

Someone give this guy a hug.  Preserving the lost art of VHS cover art! 

And just for fun, here’s a pretty picture of space dust!

It’s Musical Day!

   I’m willing to place a bet that this might be why I’ve been depressed all week…because I knew Saturday was coming and nothing could be even remotely as fun.  Everything seems dull and mundane in comparison. 

I think it’s serendipitous that my two favorite musicals happen to be showing on the same day in the same city, one on film and one on stage.  I also think it’s wonderful that I have a husband who immediately buys me tickets and is happy just because I’m so damn happy.  Today is a good day.

Today also concludes our super-busy week of movies and shows and whatnot.  Although I skipped out on Rust Never Sleeps on Monday, I did get to Birdemic on Tuesday, and last night we went to see Alice in Wonderland.  I had heard some pretty terrible reviews overall (at least from people whose opinions I trust), so I wasn’t expecting much going in.  And I won’t say it was great or extraordinary, it was alright.  I enjoyed a few of the performances, namely Crispin Glover as Stayne, the Knave of Hearts (I won’t go as far as to say dear Crispin can do no wrong, but he did end up being probably my favorite character here).  And of course Alan Rickman doing just about anything will make me happy, and his voice gave the caterpillar a dark strangeness that isn’t normally found there.  Then there’s Christopher Lee, who only had two lines but whose voice just gives me shivers every time. 

Unfortunately, there were too many things that just didn’t live up or never really found their full potential.  Johnny Depp, god bless him, and his Mad Hatter character seemed tempered.  He had crazy hair and a lot of strange makeup, but never felt completely whimsical nor troubled despite the somewhat Gollumy predilections Burton cast on him.  I’d like to have seen him delve more into the dark, angry-mad Scottish persona that seemed to jump out every once in a while (not often enough, I say).  And because he seemed so tame in personality, the hair and makeup felt forced and out of place.  I’d say the same for the Red Queen, Helena Bonham Carter.  A lot of silly animation with a flimsy premise, when I think the character would have been well-played and better off without being all CGI.  And maybe it’s just me, but Anne Hathaway as a blonde is sort of terrifying…I think it’s the eyebrows. 

Now I won’t say that everything that went wrong in that movie was Tim Burton’s fault; I’m sure Disney had a lot to do with it. (The little dance number at the end?  Only Disney could think up something so utterly revolting.)  But I think Burton is coming to a point where he needs to make a change.  It’s part of the problem with being someone known for his strangeness: after a while, that strangeness isn’t so strange anymore, and you’ve got to either up the ante (to a worthwhile degree) or try to find something else that works for you.  When that style was new, it was fascinating and fun, but now it just feels tired, played out, even predictable.  Especially when you have guys like Henry Selick who are doing it better these days. 

Overall, I think Mick said it well as we were leaving: “that was worth going to just for the Tron trailer.”  

Speaking of terrible remakes, I just turned on the tv to Doctor Doolittle, the old Rex Harrison one.  Whoever thought Eddie Murphey and CGI could improve on this was out of their mind. (Was that Disney again?? Gah.)  Poor Rex, he could almost convince me to go veggie.  Almost.  Speaking of animals, there are birds singing like crazy outside our back door, which makes me think I should be doing something outside right about now.  I think I will.  Take care, kiddos, I’ll see you soon!

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