Tonight, through sheer luck of the tv roulette wheel, I watched The Pink Panther (1963).

To be fair, I’ll have to say that I had it on while I was working on different things, and since I’ve seen it once before I didn’t feel bad about not giving it my full attention.  But I was still attentive enough to laugh at the deftly-performed physical comedy of Peter Sellers and the charming wit of David Niven.  Not to mention the beautiful trainwreck that is Claudia Cardinale…The only delivery more wooden and painful was from Pinocchio’s mother. (Rodney Dangerfield impression over.)  But hell, it’s a good-time film that makes you chuckle, has an unforgettable theme song, and spawned a series (for better or for worse) and a character that will be remembered for generations.

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