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Just the facts.

Hey kiddies!  Hope you’re having a fabulous Wednesday, and a very merry St. Patrick’s Day. 

I wish I had something exciting to tell you, but things have been busy at work and leaving little time for fun and excitement.  So here’s a little news for the day to keep you occupied:

Because we here at YGFAD are unashamed Eli Roth groupies, I was excited to read that his new production, The Last Exorcism (nee Cotton) has a release date!  Come on August!

Here’s an equation I never expected, but in the end it’s not so surprising:
John Mellencamp + Stephen King + musical = The Ghost Brothers of Darkland County.
The project has already been postponed once, but now there’s a director on board.  That’s a start, right?  No release date as of yet.

Speaking of musicals, Poe is also getting a CD/DVD release!  Haven’t heard of it?  It’s only a musical about the works of frickin Edgar Allen Poe, penned by Eric Woolfson (of Alan Parsons Project fame) and starring Steve Balsamo, who played the titular role in London’s 2009 run of Jesus Christ Superstar.  Prog rock horror musical FTW!  {For the record, Ian Gillan was still the best Jesus, hands down. Sorry dude.} 

And because I like Scalzi and I think he makes a good point, here’s a nice logical reason why we still don’t have replicants and Jupiter is still a celestial behemoth (and, as far as we know, not full of magical monoliths).

SGU anyone?  New trailer’s up on io9!   Reminds me how much I LOVED the last two minutes of the last episode. 

Someone give this guy a hug.  Preserving the lost art of VHS cover art! 

And just for fun, here’s a pretty picture of space dust!

And that’s why I wear one.

What about me?  What if I fall and can’t get up?  Where’s my life-saving non-senior-marketed product?

And what’s this KBVO channel playing Atlantis?  New Atlantis!  Woolsey Atlantis!  

That’s one thing I did like about Stargate Atlantis: the crossovers.  They got Sam, then they got Woolsey.  It made things feel more connected.  Don’t take that to mean I’m not enjoying Universe, because I am, and I’m surely not going to write it off before the first season is over.  Especially after that ending, boy howdy!  That one left both Mick and I speechless.  And I guess it’s hard to pull in familiar faces when you’re effectively cut off from everyone (and when that’s pretty much the premise for the show).  I was just thinking back on when they first made the Woolsey announcement, and the fun conversation that followed between me and Mick and my mother.  It’s weird when you begin to talk about tv people like they’re real people.  That’s probably not healthy, is it.  But it was fun.  I knew he’d be good, I’ve always kind of liked him.  Maybe “like” is too strong of a word…yes, he’s a dick a lot of the time, but all those times he was just following orders and when he was wrong he admitted it and sincerely seemed like he was trying to do better.  He always had good intentions.  He was complex.  And I think that’s why he ended up being a pretty good commander.  A stickler at first, but in the end I think he found his place.  He was never really a bad guy.  Not like that Kinsey fellow.  Ooooh how I loathe him. 

TV people are different than real people.  I know.  But to be fair, Ronny Cox makes an excellent bad guy all around.  Total Recall?  Total ass there too.  You know who I did like?  Maybourne.  He was an ass, but at least he was fun.  He saved Season 8 for me almost single-handedly; the first four episodes were awesome, then they went into that whole thing with The Trust and Teal’c living on his own and it just lost me.  Even RepliCarter and Vala weren’t gonna do it.  It took Harry Maybourne and fucking Wayne Brady to pull things back together.  And it was rock and roll from there.  (Although following that up with the beginning of Season 9, which lost me again.  Good thing there was Ba’al.  Ba’al makes everything better.) 

Boy did Cliff Simon get some great outfits in that series!

Well I hadn’t intended this to be a Stargate-related post, but I guess that’s as good as anything else I had to say tonight.  I spent another day doing nothing but laundry, tv, and knitting.  No westerns today though, we settled for Empire Records and Predator.  I also watched a bit of women’s speed skating.  Is that two words?  Speedskating looks funny.  The word, not the sport.  I guess.  I also turned my phone off before dinner, so if you’ve been trying to get a hold of me, I’m sorry.  I’m just enjoying the quiet. 

Or being antisocial.  It’s Sunday, I’m allowed.


Holy crap, I still need to blog today!

I’m going to make this quick, cuz I have a ton of crap still to do tonite. It’s just been one of those days where I’ve been moving and working non-stop since I got up. Also, had I known it was going to be pouring rain all day, I wouldn’t have put off going down to South Congress until this afternoon. Not a good idea. It took me three hours to get down there and back. I’m cold, I’m tired, and I’m still busy. Woof.



Yes, well, so, I’m going to keep this short so I can get back to it.  You kids behave while I’m gone.  Love ya, mean it, bye bye.

It’s a crazy world!

Thanks to Syfy for knowing that I really needed some Stargate today.  Much like Mick, I’m feeling some pretty high-level work-related stress, and for some reason it all just manifested and smacked me in the face around 2:00 this afternoon.  No reason, just POW!  But a little SG1 almost always makes me feel slightly better.  It’s a comfort thing. 

Or maybe an escape thing.  I was only a couple weeks out of rehab when my mom loaned me the first season on DVD.  6 months later I’d seen every episode of all ten seasons.  For me, all that time spent in front of the TV was time spent not thinking about how bad I wanted to pound shots until I was unconscious.  I also didn’t have a driver’s license and was living with my parents outside of Georgetown, so I didn’t have a lot going on at the time.  And as silly as it sounds, it gave me some hope of a world far more interesting and exciting than the one I was living in. 

Now, while I enjoy a little not-so-guilty pleasure, I’m burning a bit of Dragon’s Blood incense.  It’s quickly becoming one of my favorites.  It’s got great texture, melts down to a puddle quickly but burns off easily.  Unlike some I’ve tried, it doesn’t stay goo and burn to a crisp, leaving an unpleasant charred smell.  A little bit does go a long way, so you don’t have to hover over it, which is nice.

I’m also enjoying a cup of a new Oolong tea I picked up.  It’s a 2009 Four Seasons Oolong, from my favorite little tea shop The Steeping Room.  This tea is fabulous, I am a huge fan.  Compared to most of the teas I’ve been enjoying, it’s incredibly light in flavor and texture.  The taste is fresh and bright, and it feels like velvet rolling over your tongue.  A quick bio: Four Seasons Oolong was developed in the 1980s in the Nantou region of Taiwan.  The name Four Seasons comes from the practice of picking four to six flushes a year, considerably more than most teas.  The tea is only about 30% oxidized, and after drying and baking, it is rolled into tiny balls by hand.  The labor-intensive process and attention to detail give this tea an impressive first impression and a lasting appeal, especially when you’re looking for a lighter, airier tea. 

Is airier a word?  Spell-check likes it, so do I.     

Speaking of, I’m thinking of going and taking a spelling and typing test next Monday while I’m off work.  It seems to be something a lot of employers are looking for, and it’s a requirement to get any sort of clerical position at UT.  But of course they’re only open weekdays 8-4, so I’ve never had a chance to go before.  Assuming they’re open, since it’s President’s Day and all.  Wouldn’t that be just my luck?

Well, I should have Mick walking in the door any minute now, which means dinner will be needed in the near future.  I’m gonna hop to it.  Be good, kiddos!

TV Party!

Howdy!  Yeah, that’s right, howdy.  What the hell.  It’s Tuesday.  And I hope it finds you well.  So far the day, for me, has been underwhelming, and so I’m forced to create my own fun.

For starters, I entered an online contest.  For what, you ask?  Only something so incredibly geeky that I’m almost afraid to mention it and add more competition to the pool.  But when I read that The Prop Store of London was giving away an authentic Jaffa staff weapon, I couldn’t not sign up!

kree, motherfucker!

 Cuz that would just look really awesome on my wall.

Hell, who am I kidding, I would run around the house with it and shoot at things.  Like that annoying little toddler across the street who’s always yelling and banging on trash cans. 

And also in the world of geekdom and tv, HBO now has, in the works, a miniseries for Game of Thrones!  That’s right, the George RR Martin book!  Not only is that cool in itself, but it’s also starring two subjects of extreme geek-lust: Jason Momoa and Sean Bean.  After reading that yesterday, I decided to try and pick the book up again and see if I can’t get through the series.  It’s been sitting on my shelf for years now (long enough that I had to sweep off the dust bunnies when I picked it up last night) ,and I keep meaning to get to it and just haven’t.  So I’m taking it with me to the gym to devour while I do my cardio.  Check out this shot from the series:


Badassness.  I hope Hyperion will at least look as cool.

Well, wish me luck as I head out to my first day of after-work gym stuff!  I hope I’m as pumped about it tomorrow as I am today!

(Insert clever title here)

And what a looooovely morning!

Every time I say that I hope that Gene Kelley will show up at the door and want to do a dance.  But knowing my luck, it wouldn’t be Gene Kelley a la Singing In The Rain reincarnation but some Monkey’s Paw type shit.  Even still, Zombie Gene Kelley would probably be pretty sweet too…Think I could get him to do Thriller??  Somebody CGI that shit for me. 

Aaaanywho I did promise you I’d tell you about Book of Eli.  I was gonna write a whole review and be all thorough, but then I read Devin’s review on CHUD and it looks like he said pretty much everything that I was gonna say anyways.  So here’s a link to his article which you should read and take to heart.  A few things I’d have to disagree on, like the existence of Mila Kunis in the whole thing.  She was actually a lot better than I expected (I had some pretty low expectations), and I think her relative cleanliness can be chalked up to her being the charge of the richest man in town.  That’s how I saw it, anyways.  There was one little tiny bit of the film that, for some reason, threw me off in an unexpected way; without giving too much away, I’ll say that I think it was the first time we actually find out the character’s name, Eli, and it’s a tiny fleeting thing but for some reason it made me very sad.  Like deep in my soul sad.  I’m not sure if it was a sort of “hero from humble roots” thing, or a “missing civilization” thing, but it made me feel sort of empty.  I can’t explain it well, I’m sorry.   Anyway, let’s move on before I get too depressed.

Also in the newsosphere, I read a rumor today that Jason Momoa is on the short list for the title role in the new Conan the Barbarian movie.  You may not be aware of my almost-embarrassing love for the Conan, and have probably heard about my insane love of the Stargate franchise, so the two of those together would be a gigantic geekgasm for me.  But, as the article clearly states, it’s just a rumor.  Or the basis for some fucked up crossover fanfic!

(As much as I adore the idea, I could never be a fanfic writer.  I can’t even read the stuff.  I think that unexplored relationships are more fun when they stay unexplored.  Nothing against the writers and readers of said fanfic, but I don’t think they can make the payoff beat the tension that I’ve managed to build up in my own head.  Sorry.)

And in my haste yesterday I forgot that I had meant to give a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Johnny T (of Johnny T’s Round Rock BBQ), who celebrated his birth yesterday.  And thank god for that birth, else the world would be much less flavorful, and I wouldn’t know the true joy of sweet potato fries.  He’s a fabulous chef and a fabulous BIL and all around nice guy.  Go eat at his restaurant, it will make your soul happy. 

Well kiddos, it’s Friday afternoon and I’ve got about a thousand things to do before I can leave work, so I must be on my way.  Y’all don’t work too hard, and look for more adventures from Mick and Tara over the weekend.  A little rain won’t hold me down!

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