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January 20, 2011

Tonight, through sheer luck of the tv roulette wheel, I watched The Pink Panther (1963).

To be fair, I’ll have to say that I had it on while I was working on different things, and since I’ve seen it once before I didn’t feel bad about not giving it my full attention.  But I was still attentive enough to laugh at the deftly-performed physical comedy of Peter Sellers and the charming wit of David Niven.  Not to mention the beautiful trainwreck that is Claudia Cardinale…The only delivery more wooden and painful was from Pinocchio’s mother. (Rodney Dangerfield impression over.)  But hell, it’s a good-time film that makes you chuckle, has an unforgettable theme song, and spawned a series (for better or for worse) and a character that will be remembered for generations.

If you feel like laughing out loud, check out the best car chase ever


January 19, 2011

We went out to a movie on a Wednesday night.  But not just any movie would get me out on a weekday, it had to be something special.  And it was.  It was Santa Sangre (1989).

I’d seen the movie before, but there’s no way one can pass up a Jodorowsky film on the big screen.  No way, I say!  Even when, of the three Jodorowsky films I’ve seen, it’s my least favorite.  That’s not to say that it isn’t brilliant; it’s just different.  It’s linear, it tells a straight intelligible story.  There’s never a point where I think to myself “I have no idea what’s going on right now”.  It makes sense.  But it’s still surreal and creepy and strange as any of his films.  Jodorowsky’s usual anti-Catholic themes are there, and in force, along with the appearance of various handicapped actors (mental and physical).  There’s the blurring of lines between reality and perception.  And of course, his family; his sons Axel, Adan, and Teo are all featured. 

But it’s as much a horror film as a psychologically surreal one, no doubt part of the influence of Claudio Argento who co-wrote the screenplay.  Murder and blood are in no short supply.  But Argento and Jodorowsky fit hand-in-hand, working harmoniously to bring you a film that is as creepy and frightening as it is thought-provoking.

January 18, 2011

So remember the other day when I said there weren’t many Doctor Who serials I didn’t like?  That was before I watched The Ark in Space (1975)

I’ve actually fallen behind in writing up my tallies because of this serial.  I’ve been at a loss to adequately describe my feelings towards it in an honest light.  And I guess the above statement is still technically true: there aren’t many Doctor Who serials I don’t like.  This just happens to be one of the few.    

I suppose I may have never given it a fair chance.  As soon as I saw the word “Ark” in the title, I knew what the story would be: a ship of refugees, the last of a species, escaping some apocalypse or another and waiting in stasis until the preordained time when they would awaken and return and start anew on their fresh clean planet.  Being a child of sci-fi, I’ve seen this idea played out time and again, at least thrice on the Stargate series alone.  And it’s not Doctor Who’s fault that it happened to be the last one I saw.  So I do feel a bit unfair for faulting it in that area. 

I also feel a bit unfair for faulting the really awful effects in this particular serial; god knows that every other 70s sci-fi show had some pretty silly-looking effects, and we just chuckle and chalk it up to technology at the time and let it go.  But something about the giant foam-rubber ant creature just put me off…or it’s foamy-looking larvae who use their goo to take over your body and turn it into green-painted bubble wrap. 

What I don’t feel unfair for faulting is the uncharacteristically whiny bitch that Sarah Jane became.  From the moment they stepped on board, everything became cause for alarm or tantrum or childishness.  The giant (dead) ant-creature seemed like the most disgusting thing imaginable.  Crawling through a vent became an atrocious ordeal.  On the other hand, they had brought along Harry on this trip, so he was there to assist the Doctor and do the difficult jobs and be manly about it all.  As much as I hate to say it, it all felt very misogynistic; normally Sarah Jane can do anything necessary to assist the Doctor, including being heroic in her own right.  But when Harry’s around…well then it isn’t necessary, and she can act like the snivelling girl that she really is.  I hate saying that, but it’s one way of looking at it. 

Overall, let’s just say I won’t be revisiting this one or adding it to the list of favorites any time soon.

2011 Master Tally

It’s the first of the year, and once again I’m telling myself that I’m going to start keeping track of the things I watch and read because:

1. I don’t remember shite
2. it’s fun to share.

So here begins my tallying for 2011!   I’ll try to keep it just a simple list here, and do separate entries for comments and reviews and whatnot.

2011 Movies:

1. Mad Max 01/02
2. The Road Warrior 01/02
3. Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome 01/02
4. The Forbidden Planet 01/02
5. Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans 01/07
6. Fort Apache 01/08
7. The Commancheros 01/08
8. The Undefeated 01/08
9. Star Trek: The Motion Picture 01/09
10. Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan 01/09
11. Star Trek: The Search for Spock 01/09
12. Star Trek: Generations 01/09
13. Star Trek: Nemesis 01/09
14. The Ruling Class 01/11
15. Pootie Tang 01/13
16. Treasure of the Sierra Madre 01/14
17. Ip Man 01/15
18. Curse of Frankenstein 01/15
19. Dr. Who: The Androids of Tara 01/16
20. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice 01/16
21. Dr. Who: The Ark in Space 01/18
22. Santa Sangre 01/19
23. The Pink Panther 01/20
24. The Brain That Wouldn’t Die 01/22
25. Le Mans 01/22
26. Jason and the Argonauts 01/22
27. The Abominable Dr. Phibes 01/23
28. Dr. Phibes Rises Again 01/23
29. The Last Man on Earth 01/23
30. The Honey Pot 01/25
31. Krull 01/26
32. Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed 1/26
33. Quantum of Solace 1/27
34. Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein 1/29
35. Abbott & Costello Meet the Mummy 1/29
36. Lust for Life 1/30
37. Flash Gordon 2/2
38. Legends of the Fall 2/3
39. The Brother From Another Planet 2/4
40. Erik the Viking 2/4
41. Crazy Heart 2/4
42. the Fifth Element 2/5
43. Being There 2/5
44. Viva Zapata 2/6
45. The Pride of the Yankees 2/6
46. Sunrise 2/6

2011 Books:

1. On A Pale Horse Piers Anthony 01/01
2. A Game of Thrones George RR Martin 01/16

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