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Lazy ass hippie like me.

Good morning guys.  I feel the need to apologize once again for no post yesterday.  The whole reason for starting this project was so that we’d write every day, and lately I’ve been slacking a bit.  Of course we also had anticipated having sponsors most days, which would at least give us some material, but that hasn’t been coming through as well as we’d hoped.  For some reason, I’m in a bit of a slump lately; I’m feeling totally and completely uninspired.  The last few days that I’ve skipped were because I simply felt like I had nothing worth saying.  Or some days I’ll start a blog and then, upon reading back over it, realize that I’m just bitching about stupid uninteresting shit and delete the whole thing.  Such was the case yesterday.

It doesn’t help that Mick is effin brilliant and everything he posts is always interesting or funny or insightful.  Some days he makes me feel like a moron.  Not on purpose, of course, just by comparison.  I’m not used to being in a relationship with an intellectual person, sometimes it catches me a bit off-guard. 

They say 3 percent of the people use 5 to 6 percent of their brain
97 percent use only 3 percent and the rest goes down the drain
I’ll never know which one I am but I’ll bet you my last dime
99 percent think we’re 3 percent 100 percent of the time

Yeah, it’s more Todd Snider.  I know I’ve raved at lengths about this man already, but I think it’s deserved.  He’s my kind of philosopher.  If you watched the last video I posted, you’ll see what I mean.  He has a glorious talent of taking the things that I think and articulating them better than I ever could.  He may not realize that’s what he’s doing, but it is.

I admire his hippiness.  Not hipness, hippiness.  Because for all my punk rock heavy metal tendencies, I’m just a dirty hippy at heart. 

Well I just brewed myself a pot of pu-ehr, and I should probably get back to doing some work.  You know, since I’m at work and all.  That reminds me, I have yet to tell you about some teas that I picked up a while back!  Maybe I’ll get on that tonight or tomorrow, and soon I should have a new pattern to share for something I’ve seen described as a “baby burrito”.

Keep cool, my babies.

…and we’re back!  It’s another Sunday come and almost gone, which makes me very sad.  Sundays are often my favorite days, probably because I’m allowed to be lazy for most of the day and not feel bad.  Plus there’s cartoons in the evening and I don’t feel bad for going to bed early. 

As far as Sundays go, it hasn’t been the best, but it’s alright.  While Mick was napping earlier I made myself a big ol’ fire in the fireplace, partly because our house has been unusually cold lately and partly because I like watching things burn.  So now I’m watching it do its thing and thinking about that half a piece of cheesecake in the fridge. 

AND THEN THE CHEESECAKE WAS NO MORE!  Of course leave it to the TV gods to toss up a Jillian Michaels commercial as I’m stuffing my face.  Thanks.  But hey, here’s some free advertising for today:  If you’re ever in the neighborhood of Mopac and Braker, swing through the big shopping center and check out Just Desserts, a divine little pastry shop offering up a bazillion kinds of cheesecake daily, all oh so delicious.  The key lime is amazing, and I’m also a fan of the mandarin orange.  The piece I just scarfed was a traditional turtle, and it was awesome.  So forget the Cheesecake Factory, support local business and eat better cheesecake.  Go get your Just Desserts!  (Also, it’s right across the way from Mighty Fine, and the perfect way to top of a goddamn tasty hamburger.)

Well, in case your wondering, the Todd Snider show last night was AWESOME.  He actually had two opening bands, neither of which I had ever heard of.  First up, The Tricias…I’m normally not one for chick bands, but these gals were amazing.  Part CSNY, part A.M.E Choir, and a few Nick Cave-esque dirges thrown into the mix; these girls are what the Dixie Chicks wish they were.  Check out this video:

Next up was a honky tonk band from Denver, the Great American Taxi.  They were fun, and the old folks were having a blast.  It was a strange hybrid bluegrass jam band, I’m not sure if it was in a good way or not.  But there were plenty of “ladies of a certain age” doing that strange dance that they do…you know the one, where they bounce their knees and point to the band while they’re singing along.  So there was a lot of that, and it went on for a little longer than it should have.  In the words of my very pregnant friend Stephanie in the row behind me, “it wasn’t as good as a taco.”

But then there was Todd, so it was all okay.  He’s a brilliant songwriter, and a hell of a lot of fun to watch.  And it’s not your typical rock show either; with his bare feet and his floppy hat, he’s a modern-day pied piper, and the entire audience hangs on his every word.  People don’t talk, most don’t scream or whistle (except the occasional drunken frat boy), they just sit and listen.  And he’s more than happy to sing and tell stories and play requests.  And people are actually excited when he says he’s going to play a new song!  Crazy, right?  He’s that brilliant.  And you can tell by the humongous stoner grin that he gets that the man is having a great time doing it too. Here’s another video, just for grins:

So that was definitely the highlight of my weekend, week, January, you know.   And I can say that, because tomorrow is February.  Which means only two weeks till my birthday!  And yes, I am happy to still be at an age where birthdays are an exciting thing, not a dreadful thing.  Although now that I’m officially pushing 30, I do get a little apprehentious sometimes.  Don’t tell anybody though. 

In honor of my birthday, here’s a carousel of things you can buy for me!

Hey there kiddos, happy Saturday! Sorry for not posting yesterday, it was a hell of a day; leaving the house at 6:30am, working, going straight down to the Ritz after work, and by the time we got home I was just so worn out I went straight to bed. It’s not that I don’t love you, I do, but a girl’s gotta sleep sometime. And trust me, when I don’t get my sleep I get c-r-a-n-k-y. Just ask my husband.

But if ever anyone had a good excuse for being out all night, it’s us: we went and saw My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done.  Have you heard of this film?  Before I even saw it, I already knew it was a dream come true.  A-directed by Werner Herzog, B-produced by David Lynch.  If that doesn’t make you go all squirmy inside, well then…I don’t know but there’s something wrong.  And boy howdy, it was everything I wanted.  Plus ostriches.  To completely oversimplify things, it’s a police procedural quasi-mystery about a man suspected of murder and the detectives who are trying to talk him out of his house where he’s barricaded himself.  You’ve got the friends and family who provide clues to the detective, and the flashbacks of the events leading up to the murder, and the young overambitious cop who has “watched too much tv”.  But it’s Lynch and Herzog.  So it’s mad twisted in the most wonderful ways.  And Willem Dafoe, who is top notch in my book.  And I don’t know if he was intentionally doing a David Lynch impression the whole time, but I just couldn’t help feeling like there was some mad channeling going on.  He even had the hair!  I think Mick is working on a proper review, but in the meantime you can read his thoughs on his blog.  And, by god, go see the movie!  Doooo eeeeeet!

Aside from that, we spent the afternoon today having some lunch with my brother and his friends Travis and Laura, who are cool cats, then taking the Naj for a haircut.  An afternoon in Georgetown not ill spent.  Tonight we have tickets to see Todd Snider at the UT Union Ballroom, which excites me greatly.  The last time we went to see Todd Snider, I ended up getting a migraine and sitting in the truck for the whole show.  Less than enjoyable.  So tonight should be infinitely better, I’m predicting a great show and will stand for nothing less!  You hear that, Todd?  Better bring your A-Game! 

And in the short time before we head off for that, I’m making tea cozies!  I have another craft fair coming up in March, so it’s time to start stocking up on merch.  This time I’m focusing more on household items, since knitted wearables are not so popular for the Texas spring and summer.  It’s tea cozies and dishcloths, maybe some pillows, lace berets, those sorts of things.  That means Big Green is temporarily on hold, but I’ll probably futz with it from time to time.  That’s also why I haven’t updated my Etsy page with some of my newest projects…don’t want to sell out and have nothing to take to the fair with me come March.  So maybe you’ll just have to come out to Hamilton to check out my new stuff!  Bwahaha.

Plus, while knitting my half-a-cozy this morning, I put on some more of the old Doctor Who I’ve been hoarding.  Today’s first selection was “The Sontaran Experiment”, a quick two-parter starring the great Tom Baker.  It surely wasn’t the best I’ve ever seen, watchable but not so much engaging.  Production values were…well, slim, even for an older show; the Sontaran looked extra rubbery, a few of the “scary” parts were just sort of laughable.  So not a great series, but it was alright.  It went quick, so I forged ahead to “Genesis of the Daleks”, which is much more interesting.  I haven’t finished it yet, but the first three episodes are fun.  There’s primitive Daleks and the introduction of Davros, Sarah Jane’s got a fabulous sweater and a knit hat I’m going to copy.  I’ll let you know how it turns out when I finish it tomorrow.  The episodes, probably not the hat.  Although…

Ok, enough of my blathering.  More knitting!  And here’s some links!

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