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Hooray for Tuesday!

Today is a good day. 

For many reasons, really.  Number one: I’m going to a special screening of Iron Man 2 tonight!  Downey + Rourke + Cheadle + Sam Jackson = mega-swoon.  That’s a swoon of epic proportions, just for the first two alone.  That, and if the movie is even close to being as enjoyable as the first one, I will be a happy camper.  So I’ve got something to look forward to after work. 

Russell T. Davies and the good Doctor

We also have two fabulous “celebrity” birthdays to celebrate today.  First, let’s hear it for Russel T. Davies, writer and producer of the new Dr. Who series.  He’s done some brilliant work, brought some pure genius to the show, and made my life about 10x happier.  He’s also responsible for the darker Torchwood series, and Queer As Folk, which I haven’t quite gotten around to yet.

Ace Frehley, shock me!

Also having been birthed today is Ace Frehley, guitarist for one of my lifelong favorites, KISS.  Maybe not the smartest guy in the group, he does play a mean lick and has penned a few winners. (Cold Gin and Shock Me are still some of my favorite KISS songs.)  And I just learned, thanks to Wikipedia, that he was once in a street gang with Blackie Lawless called The Duckies. (Take it with a grain of salt, but it’s still rather amusing.)

Well I told you last night that I’d tell you about my wrestling guilty pleasure today.  I guess there’s not much to say really; it’s a bit strange being a female wrestling fan sometimes.  I personally don’t know any others, so any time there’s a get-together I’m usually the only chick within a ten-mile radius.  That being said, I can carry on an intelligent conversation and have a knack for predicting outcomes (I did win the betting pool at this year’s Wreslemania party).  And before you start, yes we all know that it’s fairly scripted.  The winner of the match is predetermined (usually), and the bullshit drama is often made up (and bloody terrible).  But so is your favorite soap opera.  And when’s the last time you saw Adam Chandler take a chair to the face?  You wish!  That’s what it boils down to, really: wrestling is a soap opera with real blood and more steroids.  And less attractive actors.  Or maybe that’s just me; I’ve never been one to go for the beefcake type, excepting once or twice. (see yesterday)   And that’s half of the strategy behind making picks for matches: you have to look beyond just ____ vs. ____ as individuals to see the greater story arc and how they fit into the big picture.  Unfortunately, my story-telling abilities sometimes get in the way and I make picks based on what I think would make a better stories rather than what I think the WWE thinks would make better stories.  It’s complicated business.  And that’s not to say that I only watch it for betting purposes, or that I’ve ever made any money off it.  It’s pure speculation. (Even the Wrestlemania pool I won was only $8.)

On that note, I did just get a bit of badass news that I’m happy to share with the likes of you all: Mick and I have decided to splurge this year, and when WWE Raw comes to the Erwin Center at the end of May, we’ll be watching from a suite.  Not just us, mind you, but a host of other friends as well.  I’m excited!  I’ve never had a box before, so this is a new fun thing for me.  Plus no irritating people around us, no signs blocking my view, no drunk guys being generally obnoxious.  Probably just me and the boys again, but that’s alright by me. 

I had some more stuff to tell you, but I’ve suddenly run out of time.  Tune in tomorrow for a product endorsement, my review of the new Mountain Dew flavors, and clarification for a reference I made to Jim Steinman in a tweet last Thursday.  Be excellent to each other, compadres.

Not all here.

I held a baby today. 

This is very exciting for me.  I love babies.  Babies are awesome, and I’m often told that I’m really good with them.  Kids are a different story; once they start talking and running around and getting into shit, that’s when I check out.  But while they’re babies, goddamn they’re just great.  All soft and squishy and curious as hell.  Love em.  Love em!

That being said, I do not want one.  And I’ll admit, I was worried the whole ride over that I would hold the baby and love the baby and suddenly want a baby.  Instead, I held the baby, loved the baby, and gave it back.  And all was well.  He’s a fabulous little guy, ridiculously cute and incredibly well-behaved (for being only 2 weeks old), and if by some horrendous act I did end up with a baby, I hope he would be that awesome.  I mean, look at this face:

Smartass baby.

Did I mention his name is Cash?  Yeah.  This baby has no choice but to be awesome.  Hopefully I will do much baby-holding in the near future.

That’s not initially what I came here to tell you about.  But sometime between holding the baby and getting home, a migraine started budding in my brain and I haven’t been able to think much since.  My amazing husband brought me Short Stop and made me some tea, which helped, and I’m now doing double-duty on wrestling, which probably isn’t helping.  Yes, it’s true; I’m watching TNA with the sound off while Mick watches the WWE Draft on Raw in the next room, which I can listen to.  It’s not that I’m a huge wrestling fan, but I do like it enough to be curious about it.  And I might occasionally mark out over a few guys.

like that one


and that one


Remind me tomorrow, I’ll tell you more about the wrestling thing.  I was gonna give you a badass endorsement today too, but I’ve run out of steam and my aching is getting worse.  Time for me to suck down some chamomile tea and hit the sack early.  Be good, kiddos. Love you, mean it.

Time to play the game!

*cue entrance music!*

I wish I had entrance music and a ridiculous nickname.  And pyrotechnics.  That would be sweet. 

You may have guessed, I’m watching Monday Night Raw.  Not simply because it’s on and Mick is watching it, but because William Fucking Shatner is guest hosting tonight. 
(Side note: did Vince McMahon just go ahead and buy Rage Against the Machine?  They’ve got like 4 songs now.) 
I know it’s silly, but I do enjoy me some WWE once in a while.  I’m a big mark for Triple H, in all his oily, orange-tan, Motorhead-strutting glory.  And then Shatner too?  A decent combo, that’s for sure.  Not quite as adorable as Spader/Shatner, but hey, what is? 

C'mon, how cute is that?

Seriously, one of my favorite TV couples ever.   

But enough of that.  Actually, I don’t really have anything for you today.  It’s been…well, it’s a Monday.  Another day that made me want to walk out of my job and never return.  Instead, I channeled my anger into a passion for scouring the WorkInTexas website and throwing down applications all across Craigslist.  I also decided that for my birthday, I was giving myself a Monday off.  PTO for the 15th has been approved, happy birthday to me! 

And that, my friends, is as much as I can muster tonight.  But I’ll tell you what, Mick is cooking up a pretty hilarious blog right now (I’m reading over his shoulder), so keep an eye out for that!  I’ll try to be more interesting tomorrow. 

Be good, kiddos.

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